Dr. Brian Dent with a patient at Accident & Sports Rehab Corporation a Hazelwood chiropractic 63042
Dr. Dent is interested in the health of
your entire skeletal system. As a
Sports Physician, Dr. Dent can also
help relieve discomfort and pain in
your joints, as well
as your back and neck.
A patient of Dr. Brian Dent at Accident & Sports Rehab Corporation a Hazelwood chiropractor 63042
Dr. Dent has over 360 hours in
Radiology training and many years of
experience in taking x-rays. He will
personally take your x-rays to
assure accuracy and comfort while
diagnosing your condition.
Dr. Brian Dent adjusting a patient of Accident & Sports Rehab Corporation a Hazelwood chiropractic clinic
Your relief of discomfort and pain rests
in this competent doctor’s hands.
Dr. Dent is an experienced and qualified
doctor of chiropractic. In many cases,
Dr. Dent may advise an adjustment or
stretch that will contribute to the
healing of your injury or misalignment.

First Visit in Hazelwood

Brief Paperwork

Upon entering the office,you will be asked to fill out some brief paperwork. The paperwork provides us with general information about yourself and your condition.


Once the paperwork has been completed, you will have a consultation with Dr. Dent. Dr. Dent is a friendly, and genuinely caring person. He’ll be happy to answer any of your questions and explain potential treatment options.

History and Examination

In order to reach a proper diagnosis and treatment plan, Dr. Dent will ask you various questions related to your condition. Next, Dr. Dent will give you a number of specialized tests to determine which tissues are affected and to what extent.

X-ray Studies

Your specific condition may require us to take x-rays to either rule out more serious conditions or assist us in developing the most effective treatment plan for you. Accident and Sports Rehab Center is equipped with state-of-the art x-ray capabilities right here in our office. Dr. Dent personally takes your x-rays to ensure the accuracy of the testing.

Same Day Treatment

Following the examination and all appropriate studies, patients will generally be provided with their first treatment during this same visit. Dr. Dent will discuss your treatment with you ahead of time. Your treatment may include spinal adjustments, physical therapies, and/or soft tissue therapies. Techniques used in Dr. Dent’s clinic include: specific adjusting, rehabilitation, nutrition and diagnostic analysis.

  • Diversified adjustments to improve function and motion
  • Muscle stim to improve circulation and promote healing
  • Ultrasound to reduce pain and muscle spasms
  • Mild intermittent traction to increase mobility
  • Personalized stretch and exercise programs to rehabilitate

Home Instructions

Prior to leaving, you will be given instructions on certain activities or procedures to be conducted at home. This may include ice or heat application instructions, avoidance of certain activities or positions, as well as home exercises and/or stretches.

Schedule Your Next Appointment

You will be given a convenient appointment time for your follow-up visit. Generally speaking, patients are seen within 1-2 days and are provided with a complete review of findings. Treatment options for your condition will also be discussed during this time. Call Now! (314) 895-3328 or visit us at 6307 Hazelwest Court, Suite 200, Hazelwood, Missouri